Economic disasters in the UK

As you know, or should know, England and much of Europe are “Nanny States”.  We in the United States are becoming “Nanny States.”  For those of you who don’t know what that means, allow me to give you my interpetation of that phrase.  A nanny is someone who was hired by an affluent parent to wipe your arse and your nose, not necessarily in that order.  If a government wipes the aforementioned bodily areas of its citizens, they in turn believe that they are entitled to those acts of “kindness’.  Unfortunately we have seen in the “press”  that many if not most of these citizens if their nanny is removed from them or is drastically reduced in servicing those people, they (the people) will revolt and destroy, maim and generally be bad boys and girls.  These bad children are usually forgiven by the nanny and or the parent as just being upset by the lack of attention they receive from authority figures.  This trend has incapacitated Greece, and now England.  Greece hasen’t really done much other than going to the rest of Europe and cried about the unfairness of the situation that has befalled them.  Boo Hoo….

Wisconsin was a precursor to what can and will happen to the US if things don’t change.  Not Obama’s change, but our change.  As we have seen the unions and government employees have over the years become the harbingers of that which has occurred overseas.  Continually increased salaries and benefits have and will destroy this country.  The police who also have added to this problem cannot protect us from those who would wish us harm.  Many departments have had the foresight to enable citizens to become supernumeraries or auxillaries are now being critized by those unions.  Undercutting the requests for more officers and more pay for almost every function imaginable.  Some departments require that range time is a job function and therefore must be paid.  Learning to defend yourself should be something everyone should want to do and becoming proficient just makes sense.   The police cannot defend us in our daily activities.  They are not there to watch us walk out of the mall to our cars.  They can’t be everywhere we can be attacked by those same nanny codled children who are controlling our lives with vicious attacks, murders and property destruction.  We are the arbiters of defense against the hoards. In our fight for this, we are stopped by the same government who is supposed to help us by not allowing us to defend ourselves.  England is a great example of how government has handcuffed the police and now finds that situation has created the havoc that they can’t seem to respond to.


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