Hitting Back

The Daily News in NYC reported that domestic violence cases in the city has skyrocketed 12.3 % last year. Attacks 0n women,” intimate partners” went up even more – 17.3%.  This is a call to action and all the politicians are up in arms and asking for MORE police presence, even though the mood of the country is the reduction of taxes and control of government spending.  Alright then, what do we cut?  What is the trade off between added security in the streets and yes, even at home.  Heavier fines and jail time is the answer.  However, protection against the attackers is still not feasible.  You can get a restraining order against a boyfriend or a spouse, but the sme problem arises.  Who will be there to protect you. Most states won’t let you protect yourself. Thats right, they can’t protect you but they don’t want you to protect yourself either.  This is the government talking.  Does this make any sense?  I think not.  In some cases, protecting one’s self can cost you fines up to $500 or more and even jail time.  To me, it’s an absolute affront to our American way of life. But lets examine this for a moment.  If I have a STUN  GUN or PEPPER SPRAY in my possession and I cancel out an attacker with either or both of these tools, saving my life or my loved ones life, I will pay the $500 fine and yes even jail time.


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