Recently a town in Connecticut’s police arrested and charged a convicted felon with possessing a stun gun after he was stopped for a minor traffic violation and then ran away.  He was charged with criminal possession of a stun gun, interfering with a police officer, disobeying an officer’s signal, operating with a suspended license, and failure to properly display license plates. During the foot chase, the suspect was observed throwing down a stun gun.  Since he is a convicted felon, he is prohibited from possessing  such a device.  If you want to carry a stun gun for defense against cretins like this, you have to have a permit issued by your local PD for the town you reside in.  What a croc….. If you want to see what a disarmed society looks like, look no further than England. Thousandsof angry,drunk, violent thugs running wild and stealing anything they can carry.  The government wants you to believe America’s founders were in error when they gave citizens the right to bear arms, and then they send those guns to Mexico so the cartel drug wars can kill our citizens.


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