Although much of this blog is common sense, there are many out there who are so politically correct that they can’t fathom the concept of analyzing thought processes. Basically, words have power that can be used both for good and evil. Encouraging words can build a person’s self esteem, while insulting words can hurt someone for years or even decades. These people, for whatever reason can’t or won’t “get over it” On the other hand I want to address commanding words and how they can save someone’s life. Just because you are holding a handgun on a potential attacker does not mean the situation is over. Hardened criminals are able to smell fear and can usually tell if a person is reluctant to pull the trigger. They perceive this as weakness because they often don’t understand how average citizens can put such a high value on human life. Because of this, some assailants might believe you are bluffing. Sometimes they are correct in their beliefs. Your attitude about self defense will come out at that very moment. You haven’t needed to actually pull the trigger on a firearm, taser or even mace and pepper spray. So how will you percieve that moment of truth. What will you do? Think twice before you shoot? That second or two could mean the end for you and or your loved one. As you know, I have a background in law enforcement and have only needed to pull my weapon twice in all those years. Thank God for little favors. Had I taken a life, would I be the guy I am today. The command words that work are important for you to practice just like practicing on the range to develop your firearm skills.
properly used these command words can convince the bastards you’re not bluffing.Verbal commands can be as important in a self-defense situation as a gun.

Words like STOP, GET DOWN and I HAVE A GUN spoken with authority can be the difference between giving a description to the police and explaining why you had to pull the trigger. But, you have to put power in those words. Whether at home or in the car,practice verbal commands and be powerful with them. They could keep you having to use your gun.


Women Self defense products

Not too many days ago, I read in a New York paper that the hunt was on for a light skinned black or Hispanic woman who just up and slashed two women on their faces.  This appeared to be random and unprovoked.  The cops have not ruled out that these sensless acts of violence could be gang related.  One woman vowed to be ready if she became the next target.  “I carry a knife, If I have to defend myself, I will.”  This problem is national. The fact that there is no way for our police departments to be everywhere at once.  We must prepare to defend ourselves and I can only add that the products at my site will only help.  Please check out www.protechdefense.com.

Handguns vs tasers

Alright there are alot of people out there who have taken the trouble of getting carry permits for weapons.  I have one and it was a bitch to get.  I carry throughout my State and feel comfortable knowing that I have lethal force to protect my family and others.   However, as a good Christian  I sometimes feel that this power over life and death can be mind-blowing.  When you pull that trigger, you don’t mean not to maim or kill, you mean to kill.   awesome!  That’s why I created www.protechdefense.com. This is a site that provides the most aggressive individuals with an alternative.  Our tasers protect lives not take them. These devices can stop a threat up to 15 feet away, allowing you a safe distance to protect yourself and your family from an attacker. If close quarter defense is warranted, taser devices double as contact stun devices to repel someone as a powerful and unexpected backup capability. Police department throughout the world have in many cases opted out for tasers, although not as pretty as many side arms they can get the job done.  Wouldn’t it be great if wars where fought with tasers?