Stupidity abounds with pepper spray

I know you all saw the video and news item about the woman who was in a box store on Black Friday and I guess feared for her life.  Well I hope that was the case because if she just wanted to get ahead of the line for a Christmas gift, she should have been arrested for at least stupidity.  For God’s sake people, self defense and security are not to be taken lightly.  I know my readers would not stoop to such reckless endangerment of any reason, but I beg you to advise your kids that stupid people abound throughout our society. Can you imagine someone who acquires  a taser and decides to advance in a theatre line?  What are these people thinking?  What kind of a home life and child rearing situation creates misfits?  All questions can be answered basically with “I don’t give a damn about anyone else but me.”  Well to continue, this individual Pepper spray disperser was not institutionalized for this act of stupidity.  Defending oneself is a proper and just method of self preservation which can not be treated cavalierly.  Without the tools of self defense we do become the fodder of stupid people.  These stupid people are the reason we need to protect ourselves with  pepper and mace spray, the world’s strongest stun guns, and the hundreds of items I have the duty to provide to you my faithful readers.  In conclusion, please be aware of the stupidity that surrounds you everyday of your lives.  Please be attentive to your need for personal protection.


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