Brooklyn Jews fight hate crime

The recent hate crimes against Jews across Brooklyn have ignited a movement pushing them to toughen up and learn how to fight back.  The JDL has provided individuals who wish to protect themselves with classes on self defense using every possible weapon including combat courses and weapons training.  Recently flyers on websites have blasted members saying, “WANTED JEWS WITH GUTS” to help guard synagogues and yeshivas from neo-Nazi-KKK terror attacks. Many people don’t want to become involved for what ever reason, frightened of being part of an armed uprising or whatever, but I would offer how instructional fighting DVDs would provide the effective use of  stun guns, pepper spray as well as mace and yes even batons knives and all types of defensive  albeit sometimes offense weapons.  Jacov Bressler began his training at age 16 with an Argentinean master instructor who is a direct disciple of Okinawa Karate master Gogen Yamaguchi’s son. FAST & FURIOUS are two DVD’s. Speed learning shortcut hand to hand tactics he teaches cops and soldiers who don’t have time to practice.  Second DVD teaches civilians about improvised weapons.  Best part you can learn it super-fast.  See the catalogue, page 34.


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