Catching thieves around the World

India — — Seventeen-year-old Monal Kadlak from the Khadakpada area in Kalyan showed exemplary bravery in catching a mugger who was trying to flee after snatching her gold chain in 2005.
The police recently thanked the teenager after she single-handedly nabbed the chain snatcher. She was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a memento along with a cash prize for her bravery.
Being asked what inspired her to the brave act, the first year college student said, “I knew that I had to act and not cow down. I have learnt karate and this helped me a lot in boosting my confidence.” So you see the amount of personal protection you need everyday proves that pepper spray, stun guns and the DVD’s on personal security can prove important in all walks of life.  The fact that this young girl from India supports the need for a strong desire for personal security and the strength of purpose that self defense weapons can provide.  The strongest weapon you have is your desire not to be cowed down to.  Based on a prevalent religious belief in India, it was interesting to see her use that word when signaling a personal attribute. 

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