Marathon runner fought and caught intruder:

Although 53 is not old, this blog describes a Florida runner who could have made it easier if she had a personal alarm for safety when on her run. 

Florida—“I outran the intruder,” a marathon runner said. “He had no cardiovascular system.”  Before the chase, the 53 old woman – who also has a black belt in karate and who is skilled in kickboxing and kung fu, dragged the 24 year old burglar down from a fence, threw him to the ground, and put her knee to his chest.  The couple had struggled for a few minutes before the man dropped the bag he had taken and started running.  Now right there she could have controlled the situation with our  screecher aerosol alarm emits an ear-piercing blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Its high pitched shriek  can be heard up to 1/4 mile away. $9.95 for 10 ounces  and 30 blasts would appear to be an excellent buy for your safety requirements. There are countless other security defense devices available to anyone.  The pepper spray, mace or stun guns are small and convenient for runners or anyone else who wishes to be safe wherever they are.


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