Taser party

At-home female entrepreneurs are ditching Mary Kay for Tasers, but they’re keeping the pink. Taser International is marketing its user-friendly C2 “personal protector” to the public, and women with an interest in self-defense are holding independent Taser parties in states where the stun gun is legal. “It’s a girl power kind of thing,” said one woman. Critics, however, aren’t so sure.

The company has had a rough time countering bad press, but in 2007 Taser stock climbed from $7.44 to $19.36 a share, the AP reports. Still, living-room Taser trials are making some organizations nervous. “We want to stop violence against women. But we also want to ensure that Tasers don’t end up causing it, too,” said an Amnesty International spokeswoman.

Should you wish to enter into a taser relation with me,  email tony@protechdefense.com and I will tell you more about the idea.



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