David Gatlin out of jail

 I wonder if he’s going to finish what he’s started.   David Gatlin walked into a trailer in 1993 where his estranged wife, Tammy Ellis, lived and shot her in the head as she held her 6-week-old baby in her arms. Walker, the woman’s friend, survived a gunshot wound to the head. Gatlin was convicted of murder, aggravated assault and burglary of a residence.

In his last days of office, Republican Gov. Haley Barbour pardoned Gatlin and three other men convicted of murder.  Now does this tell you something about our Government and how justice is thwarted by politicians who are unfeeling or uncaring about the people they serve.  The key phrase here is  THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE .  Once again I can only say that WE must protect ourselves from not only the offenders but the slime ball politicians who continue to screw us every day in every way.  I have so many items at my disposal that can help you on a daily basis.  All you need do is GOTO www.protechdefense.com and if you have any questions call me or email me at tony@protechdefense.com and I promise to get back to you immediately.


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