Last night on TV, there was a program about a vigilante female who went by the name of Wonderwoman.   She would find out who was attacked and injured, usually by husbands or boyfriends and beat the crap out of the attacker.  This, of course opens a whole can of worms. t I think you can gather what the penalties are for attacking people.  This of course brings up the fact that one out of three women will be attacked.  Sixthousandthirtytwo (632,000) forcible rapes occur every year, which equals 5,266 per month, 1,756 per week, 73 an hour and 1.3 a minute.  Still not sure if you want to defend yourself?   

we have all types of DVD’s for self defense and we have more than enough items to ward off the most heinous attacks.

Heart Attack Key Chain

Heart Attack Key Chain


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