TASER M26C Black 

Available both to law enforcement and consumers Tasers continue to  be a remarkable alternative to lethal weapons.  Now I am not an anti gun advocate.  I am a member of the NRA and own firearms.    In my mind crime reports are a political ploy to create false a sense of security.  The FBI publishes statistics garnered from police departments and other law enforcement agencies throughout the US.  These reports are not necessarily based on an exact science.  So if you think about it, it’s evident to most people that when the world’s economy sucks, a lot of people do bad things and care less about the people they screw with.  O’kay so a lot of people find themselves in bad situations and unfortunately have less than impeccable moral fiber.  Do we kill them?  I don’t think so.  Do we hurt them?  You bet your ass.  One of the ways to hurt them is using tasers.  There  600,000 of them in use by 16,300 law enforcement agencies in 107 countries.

Taser (TASR) was founded in 1991 (originally as “Air Taser”).  Controversy has surrounded the non-lethal weapon, which shoots two darts that create an electrical current and incapacitate a suspect’s muscle function, but police departments swear by it.

Negative stories blown out of proportion by salacious headlines paint the wrong picture.  If someone gets hit by a Taser and dies, that becomes the whole story.   In the cases of serious injury or death, the cause is typically a state called “excited delirium” and involves a suspect that is on drugs and hyper-agitated.   Two out of every 1,000 exposures to a Taser result in serious injury.  According to an LAPD study, that number for a kick is 450, for a punch is 780, and for exposure to a gunshot it’s 500 (the other 500 are deaths).


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