His eyes remained closed and the dreams he had last night made him feel warm and cozy.  She laid by his side and his right arm encircled her and his hand rested on her right hip.  She snuggled against him and her small hand pressed against his chest.  He kept his eyes closed and didn’t think her eyes where open but he didn’t want to ruin the moment by looking.  He gently brushed against her face with his lips and felt the light down on her cheek. He knew that she was beautiful without seeing her, without wanting to disturb the moment.  Not a word was spoken as they nuzzled there in the dark.  Their breath came and went as they suspired in each others redolence.   His hand caressed her hair.  He kissed the strands by her ear and moved his lips down her cheek and towards her mouth.  He and he knew that she was warming to his touch.  Her body moved even closer to him, even though their bodies were together.  Her right leg moved over his hip pressing down on him and agitating him with each movement of her leg on him. Her hand that had rested on his chest now caressed his arms, his neck and his face, causing him to stifling a whimper emanating deep within his soul and about to burst forth from his partially opened mouth.

The shock hit him as his mother stood in the doorway of his bedroom and yelled,

“Johnny, get out of bed and down to breakfast before you miss your school bus again.”


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