D’Sousa, going to jail?

Filmmaker Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

When American citizens suspect that people are being arrested for alleged minor violations due to their vocal dissent against their elected representatives or rulers, it breeds disrespect and contempt for the law and suspicion of those officials. …

Dinesh D’Souza is accused of giving too much money to a candidate who sought to replace former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose documentary 2016: Obama’s America took a critical look at President Barack Obama and was a surprise hit in 2012, will be arrested in New York on Friday for allegedly violating campaign-finance laws,

Federal authorities accuse D’Souza of donating more than is legal to the campaign of Wendy Long, who ran in 2012 for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton but lost to now-Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

D’Souza has been friends with Long since they attended Dartmouth College together in the early 1980s. According to the indictment, D’Souza donated $20,000 to Long’s campaign by aggregating the money from various people and falsely reporting the source of the funds. This sounds a lot like what the “Left” does, and gets away with. If this is true and he tried to subvert the law, then maybe he should be prosecuted, the same way Hillary was prosecuted for the financial deals she was a part of. Of course the media doesn’t give a damn about justice.  As long as the Left gets taken care of.  Damn the RIGHT because they are the evil capitalists.

I didn’t think when I was young that criminalizing dissent through the selective enforcement of the law was at all possible.  That shows you how naïve I was and how the corruption of government is now destroying what I remember of justice.

2016 had earned $33 million at the box office and become the second-most-popular political documentary in U.S. history. Maybe a little too much for the administration and the sycophant media to swallow and so D’Souza is being singled out by the Feds in the same way the IRS targeted conservative Tea Party groups for retribution. Hasn’t the chief liar said that the administration will no longer allow the IRS to stifle dissent. This arrest should send shivers down the spines of all Americans,”

D’Souza’s upcoming film America is due in theaters July 4.  I would urge everyone who reads this blog to get out and support the new films.  That should send a message to Obama and his minions.  Unfortunately I don’t think the ruler of our nation gives a rat’s ass about us and our opinions.  The king of prefabrications has months yet to destroy our American way of life.  What to do about it?  All you can do is support the enemies of the LEFT.   If you don’t have a chance of defeating the liberals ensconced in your local government, then help someone who is fighting the battle no matter where they are.  This is the beginning of the end for our country.  If you sit on your ass and fail to fight the good fight for yourselves and for your posterity, then God forgive you for the blight on your children.

View his latest movie trailer here


Wounded Warriors

I am really getting pissed off with state of this nation.  The Wounded Warriors commercial is absolutely unbelievable. We, that is the citizens of these United States, through our elected officials, send forth our bravest and brightest to fight in wars or to help other nations save their asses.  Our government puts out all kinds of pronouncements that they care for our military men and women. They say that they provide all the services to  keep them safe as possible, and make sure they are given the best of physical and mental help. Why then are we asked, actually begged, to provide support  that these people are entitled to?  Our government is doing a worse job than Gaius Julius Caesar.  At least those soldiers were given a retirement and property when they came back from a campaign. The money to pay for these benefits came from the people of Rome.  God knows we pay enough in taxes to at least meet this requirements. I am sure that if we didn’t dole out those taxes to illegal immigrants, dead beat mothers and fathers, bridges that go nowhere and the thousands of other pork barrel crap that many of our politicians spend in order to find favor with the miscreants that vote them in over and over again.  These funds, that should be used for our patriots, are wasted on “The Great Society’s” experiments.  Experiments that have failed on the most part over the past 50 years.  Are the poor made richer? Are our children any smarter?  Are our borders safe?  What are we doing with the drugs and slavery that continue to permeate our society?  These are a few of the questions you should be asking your politicians.  Ask them why we are worried about global warming when we should be worried about why people in the United States can’t provide their military with the kind of help “Wounded Warriors” provides. There is no question that WWP does contribute substantial funds for the benefit of wounded warriors. Notwithstanding, it appears that a more effective use of funds would be to contribute directly to The Fisher House, Navy-Marine Corps Relief, The Salvation Army, and others.  What’s your opinion?