The Kings Laws

I would like to direct your attention to: Diann Russell who is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.  We wish her well and you should check her out when you have a moment.

“We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do well while a growing number of Americans barely get by—or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”

“It would make sure everyone plays by the same rules by providing a pathway to earned citizenship for those who are living in the shadows.”

“We can either settle for an economy where a few people do really well and everyone else struggles to get by, or we can build an economy where hard work pays off again – where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.”

Boy, that Barack Obama sure likes to talk about playing by the rules. He talks about the rules nearly as much as he talks about “fairness” and “equality” and his pen and phone. Problem is, for Obama rules apply only when he says they do, and to whom he says they do. Let’s face it, even the Federal Government has a set of rules to which it must adhere.

That’s the United States Constitution.

The Constitution outlines specifically what Congress is supposed to do, what the Supreme Court is supposed to do, what the President is supposed to do. And, more importantly, what they are not to do. See, when it comes to being President, there are rules, too. And Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t play by those rules.

  • The President cannot create law.
  • The President cannot amend the law.
  • The President cannot write or rewrite law.
  • The President cannot ignore the law.
  • The President cannot exempt some people from obeying the law.

See, laws are kind of like rules. And Barack Obama doesn’t play by those rules.

The IRS is not supposed to be a partisan arm of Government. All people must be treated by the same set of tax rules. But for Obama’s IRS, the rules that apply to Conservative and pro-Israel groups are not the same set of rules that apply to pro-Amnesty and Liberal groups. For Obama, rules are as fluid as Obamacare deadlines. Which, by the way, were sort of like rules too. It’s amusing to hear Obama speak about “playing by the same rules” when his entire life has been one exception to the rule after another. Obama himself would not be able to live in his fantasy world where everyone plays by the same rules. After all, this is the guy who, when running for US Senate managed to get sealed court documents unsealed in order to expose his Republican challenger’s divorce proceedings.

And yet.

Obama refuses to this day to release any of his school records. One set of rules for his challenger. Another set of rules for Obama.  This is the guy, when he was a US Senator, railed against George W. Bush using executive orders to bypass Congress and expand the power of the Executive branch.

And yet.

Obama’s got a pen, and, if Congress won’t act, he will. This is the guy who has used the National Security Agency to collect every single Americans’ cell phone meta data and internet history without probable cause or a warrant.

And yet.

Obama’s Administration fights every Freedom of Information Act request it receives. When states attempt to preserve the integrity of the vote by making sure the only people voting have the legal right, Obama takes them to court to keep them from ensuring that all voters are playing by the same rules.

This is the man who declares that Americans cannot spend money on trips to Vegas because we must all be tightening our belts and making sacrifices.

And yet.

He and his wife and kids have spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on lavish, self-gratifying vacations, ski trips, golf trips and parties.

This is the man who wants to legalize illegal aliens who, by their very presence in this country have violated our immigration laws (aka RULES) because he believes that making them legal is playing by the rules. And, if Congress won’t act, he will break the rules by using his pen to enact amnesty without benefit of the legislative process outlined in our Constitution (aka the RULES).

You dizzy yet?

Following Obama’s “rules” is like trying to watch a hummingbird’s wings. The ever moving, ever changing, ever “evolving” rules of Barack Obama. For Obama, rules are meant to be changed, waived, exempted, rewritten and ignored. What exactly makes them rules?

Sadly, very little of what Obama says has any grounding in reality.

  • He talks about “income inequality” when his very policies are responsible for the glaring income inequality in this nation.
  • He talks about “transparency” when trying to get even the most basic information from the Obama Administration is like trying to break Sicilian omerta.
  • He talks about “fairness” when his own lavish lifestyle at the expense of others and in the face of so much economic hardship throughout this nation is the furthest thing from “fair.”
  • He talks about red lines that move, deadlines that get extended, laws of the land that are so fluid and ever-changing, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with them.
  • He talks about “justice” that is anything but just.

And this, the most lawless President in our history wants us to believe he cares about the “rules?” I don’t know what is more disgusting. That Obama pretends he cares about “playing by the rules,” or that there are people in this country who actually believe Obama cares about “playing by the rules.” But the reason for this glaring hypocrisy is simple. Barack Obama really does believe he resides on some higher plane of existence. To him, there is no contradiction in his actions and his words. Because he truly does believe that he is above us. These “rules” that he seeks to impose and define have nothing to do with him. He believes that he is superior to us, and therefore cannot be held to the same standards to which he seeks to hold us.

  • To Obama, we are nothing more than unremarkable, unimpressive, indistinguishable sheep.
  • To Obama, he is so much more. He is Leader. He is Beloved. He is our Moral Authority. He is our Permission-grantor, our Judge. Our Arbiter. Our Savior. Our god.  What are rules to a god?


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