Army Sergeant Release Continues To Be A Manchurian Candidate

This guy just doesn’t look right to me.


 Although I am happy for his family and friends, I want more answers from Army Sgt., Bowe Bergdahl who is  recovering from his  five years desertion from the United States.  POTUS can say what a great job he is doing getting our boys back from the terrible Taliban, even faster than he promised.

Bergdahl, 28,  snuck  away from his platoon’s small outpost in Afghanistan’s Paktika province on June 30, 2009, after growing  disenchanted with the U.S. military’s war effort. Wow what a guy!  Sounds like he should have worked with Obama on the streets as community organizers.  This would have played right in to their socialist dreams.

Well the schmuck  was captured shortly afterward by enemy forces and held captive in Pakistan by insurgents affiliated with the Taliban.  I wonder how he was treated during this time.  I would perceive that the Taliban knew he was coming. If half the Amy knew he was dissatisfied  what says he did’n t let them know he wanted to help them with their propaganda. Not only did he desert,  an entire U.S. military division and thousands of Afghan soldiers and police devoted weeks to searching for him, and some soldiers resented risking their lives for someone they considered a deserter.

Bergdahl was recovered Saturday by a U.S. Special Operations team in Afghanistan after weeks of intense negotiations in which U.S. officials, working through the government of Qatar, played a hand in yet another white wash of the administration.  The news was hailed by President Barack Obama on Saturday as a sign of Washington’s “ironclad commitment to bring our prisoners of war home.” But the reaction from current and former U.S. service members was decidedly more mixed. Some said that although they were glad to see Bergdahl freed, he must be held accountable for his choices.  This weak sister Special Operations team actually had the audacity to say that this  prisoner swap with the Taliban was  a good thing for the US.  We exchanged  five Taliban commanders from captivity at the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

Bergdahl will not be prosecuted by the Army and will be given a hero’s welcome.  Disappearing from a military post in a war zone without authorization commonly results in one of two criminal charges in the Army: desertion or going absent without leave, or AWOL. Desertion is the more serious one, and usually arises in cases where an individual intends to remain away from the military or to “shirk important duty,” including a combat deployment such as Bergdahl’s.

Obama keeps sticking the knife into our backs.  This is just another ploy to undermine the US Constitution and our rights.  HE DID NOT SEEK FEEDBACK FROM THE CONGRESS!!!! That is required for this action.  His response, there wasn’t enough time in order to make the swap.  Any Congressman worth his salt should be up in arms about this executive action.  YOU my friend should be up in arms with your Congressmen who failed to restrain this usurper.

Javier Ortiz, a former combat medic in the Army, said he is frustrated with Bergdahl’s actions and thinks he should be tried for desertion, even after five years in captivity in Pakistan. Many U.S. troops had misgivings about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while they were deployed but did not act on it as Bergdahl did, said Ortiz, of Lawton, Oklahoma.

“I had a responsibility while I was there to the guys I was with, and that’s why this hits the hardest,” said Ortiz, who was in Iraq from March 2003 to March 2004 with the 101st Airborne Division. “Regardless of what you learned while being there, we still have a responsibility to the men to our left and right. It’s terrible, what he did.”

But U.S. troops said they were aware of the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance – that he left the base of his own volition – and with that awareness, many grew angry. “The unit completely changed its operational posture because of something that was selfish, not because a solider was captured in combat,” said one U.S. soldier formerly based in Afghanistan who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “There were military assets required … but the problem came of his own accord.”

The search in Paktika was eventually called off, after U.S. officials acknowledged that Bergdahl had been taken to Pakistan. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel,  Another White House flunky , speaking Sunday in Bagram, Afghanistan, declined to talk about any possible action by the military against Bergdahl. A senior defense official indicated that punitive action was unlikely. Of course it would be unlikely,  POTUS has delivered to the terrorists another soldier in the war against the United States.

Chances are you haven’t heard of the six soldiers who died hunting for him after he went missing, according to military officials.




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