Obama doesn’t hate the United States.

As far as I can determine, Obama doesn’t hate The United States, he hates Imperialism.  His wife is the hater.  She has said as much on TV and in the press.  She does love her trips around the world and her fabulous meals and extraordinary spending sprees.  Unfortunately her wardrobes, as expensive as they may be don’t seem to make her attractive, despite what the fawning left press and fashion world insist on drumming into the heads of the naive populace who grovel at the feet of the First Family.

I initially said POTUS doesn’t necessarily hate the United States and this is evident in what he has done in the past.  If you remember shortly after taking office one of the first things he did was to send back the bust of Winston Churchill. Winny was a Imperialist and for those of you who are not sure what an imperialist is allow me to define it

The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.

Advocacy of imperial or sovereign interests over the interests of the dependent states.

Imperial government; rule by an emperor or empress.

British. the policy of so uniting the separate parts of an empire with separate governments as to secure for certain purposes a single state.

Look at the definition above and tell me what Obama hates. The policy of uniting separate parts of the British Empire as to secure a single state.  Sounds like something every nation has done over the millennium.  How does one protect the people of a nation without a central power?  That power to defend the nation from the barbarians that would invade and conquer her. So since, he wants to open the floodgates to everyone who would invade this country, He hates that idea.

Advocacy of imperial or sovereign interests over the interests of the dependent states.  That may be problematic.  We fought against this part of the definition of Imperialism in 1776.  That is a long time ago to hold a grudge against the British. Not as long as the Muslims have held a grudge against Christians though.

Ah, the Imperial government; rule by an emperor or empress.  Our golfing President loves the power he has granted himself by administrative directives, bypassing the legal methods written in the Constitution of the United States to protect us from dictatorship.  A most interesting word, dictator.

A person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.

Does that fit into what he has been doing for the last 6 years, and what he will continue to do over the next two?

Again, let me say that what we can expect from a man who was born into a socialist family with the continual spewing of left wing diatribes about the evil empires that have caused nothing but pain and suffering to the people of the world.  This trumpery continued to follow him throughout his formative years.  Growing up in an environment full of anti-imperialist rhetoric from not only family but by his own words, religionists and comrades who bolstered and inculcated his mind and character to what he believes in today.

Is there any doubt that this man would seek a complete overthrow of our way of life?  His obsession has always been socialism.  From ivy covered bastions of left wing thinking, where Communist inspired thought police have completely used him and who have surrounded him people with the same malefic mindset that has brought us to our present state of affairs.  This government is immobilized and both parties have failed the citizens of this once great country.  Can we take control again, reduce the corruption of our constitution, and drive out the reversals to our nation’s heritage?

If we give a damn about our future, your children’s future, pay attention and stand up, write emails, text and speak out especially in the schools and church group meetings. Don’t stop, because as God is my judge, we will not be free.



3 thoughts on “Obama doesn’t hate the United States.

  1. The boy may not hate the US but he also doesn’t love her. You don’t try to fundamentally transform someone or something you love. Doing so is a sign of dominance and possessiveness, not love.

    • Thank you for your comments. I will be contemplating your blog. Transformation of someone you love appears in my mind as what women will do when they want a guy. I suppose that may be a sign of dominance and possessiveness, but then again are women really man hatters? Hmmmm?

    • And I say again, the lack of love does equate to hate. Yet can we say we love someone or something if our primary goal involving them is to change them into something else?

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