Last week a young black man was arrested by the Baltimore, Md police department.  He was put into a van and when he arrived at HQ’s he was so sick that he was rushed to a hospital.  He died and this act of possible indifference created a stupid situation that caused black people pain, suffering, loss of what ever strength they had achieved over the past decade.  We all saw the hundreds of brats scurrying over the west side of Baltimore, smashing, looting and burning everything they could see.  The little blind bastards destroyed their own neighborhoods and couldn’t care less.  Today, 24 hours after this crap, several of the youths broke into a local shoe store and were carting out boxes of those famous sneakers that are endorsed by their own potential heroes.  The police were on them in a flash and as they were being arrested and taken away, the remaining children jeered and booed the cops.  What kind of shit is this?

The news media are just having a ball with this.  It reminds me of the weather people during this winter. They couldn’t be happier than telling everyone how bad the snow was.  I heard POTUS in his slow, cool hand Luke way that oh shucks, things shouldn’t have gone this way and that only a few rotten apples were the instigators.

He and his partners in crime say that  these kids need to get out of poverty and learn more and have fathers who care and can lead them.  This bullshit  has been said every time there is any incident that involves the black community.  The politicians have been using this ploy for decades, ever since Johnson and the great society.  The trillions of dollars that have been thrown at “poverty” seems to end up in the politicians pockets. Then another piece goes to the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s  who seem to sing their way into the hearts and minds of their faithful.  Some more goes to the teachers who can’t seem to get a handle on the minds of these malcontents.  I could go on and on but to what end.  No one believes what they see.  It’s all in the eyes of the beholders. At the end of his “talk”, Obama said well heck, it was only one fire in a big town.  The schmuck didn’t even check to find out that there were fires not only in West Baltimore, but East Baltimore as well.

The mayor of Baltimore was little to no help.  She told the  police commissioner to hold back and let the marauders run free so as to not hurt her chances of getting re-elected.  Oh I already said that the politicians had their hands out, didn’t I.  Sorry about that,  trickle down means something else when it comes to governments piece of the action.

So what’s the answer, more of our money thrown to the dogs?  Possibly allowing the one per-centers to invest in businesses that don’t need workers with skills.  Open up schools that teach trades and have  retired contractors and plumbers and electricians to teach.   Stop taxing corporations and businesses so they will invest in communities.  Make sure that the police are equipped to handle situations and make damn sure that supervisors are promoted because they are qualified to lead not due to some human rights equal opportunity bull.

The Supreme Court is contemplating the gay marriage situation.  Maybe gay’s should have the kids, at least they will have a “mom and dad” to raise and nurture them.  The social geniuses should work out a scheme whereby if the mother of a child born into poverty can’t get her act together, that child would be fostered out to a gay family.  This way everyone wins even the father who had to leave his family because the welfare checks would stop if he stayed around.  Great idea, that!  ” I’m sorry sir, but if you remain in the household we will not support you too.”

Recently I heard that food stamps provide about two dollars and fifty cents for a meal per family member.  Interestingly enough that is the amount paid to illegals along with a host of other goodies that should be allocated for American citizens.  Another billion or so that would certainly help.   If they stopped building basketball courts and build teen centers with indoor pools and computers and maybe even a auto shop and a foundry,  etc. etc.  Oh well they would probably burn it down as well.