Sharia laws and liberal governments

Like most people who care deeply about the problems of the proletariat, allowing your emotions to cloud your judgment, you have removed from your conscience all aspects of how to conserve this nation, under God.  You have to realize that the continued spending by this government or for that matter any government creates a deficit so utterly Brobdingnagian that your progenies will be burdened forever.  It seems that the liberals do not understand that to make themselves feel godly they abuse more people then they know. If I give you something that belongs to me, I am charitable. If I give you someone else’s something I steal from them. This is not godly by any stretch of the imagination. If this is what you want? Then this is what you’ll get.  Understand that every excess will require a future of want by those who are even now asking for more and more each day.  There is just so much in the bank and then the bank will default.  Simpson-Bowles’ eighty billion a year won’t even begin to justify the unbelievable cost of this nanny state  We’ve  got to stop the gamesmanship in the halls of government, and vote to stop liberal spending for political ends.

Rome was destroyed by many things but its failure to provide for its defense finally devastated the empire.  It appears now, more than ever that the failure of any administration to provide for the national defense will also cause great danger to our way of life.  Not only have we been weakened by fanciful programs providing false stimuli, but we face nations that we owe great deals of money to.  Should a nation call in their loans we would have to default or defend ourselves militarily in order to maintain our way of life.  We have seen countries around the world being bombarded with Sharia laws that have exploded in recent years. Laws that constitute barbarism no matter how you cut it.

Shariah law

That’s  right!!!! You steal and you lose your hand. Please don’t tell me that this couldn’t happen here.